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Tasting Menu

For those interested in tasting the complete experience of the Snowflake restaurant. Federico has carefully crafted a multi-course tasting menu accompanied by a wine pairing menu from across Italy. The two together creates a truly complete exquisite experience.

The following is an example for a tasting menu.  The tasting menu changes on weekly basis.
  • Lobster salad with fresh tomato gazpacho and sesame seaweed mayonnaise
  • Home made Tortellini filled with "Ossobuco" (veal shank) and Saffron rice cream.
  • Potato Gnocchi with a zucchini Pesto and Manatis Shrimps
  • Baccala codfish in Pizzaiola (calamari & onion soup, steamed Baccala, tomato confit, pepperoni pesto, bread crumbs, flavors, tomato and origon).
  • Dessert - The Mont Blanc became The Cervino, a classic Italian dessert with mandarin jam, chocolate rum cream, chestnut ice cream, whipped cream and crumbled meringue.
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