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Spa Treatments

As we all know inner peace begins with a relaxed body and mind. In The Spa at Principe Delle Nevi we strive to create experiences that increase full-body wellness. In other words, caring for you is our way of life.

Our expert staff has carefully selected treatments and product lines that enhance wellness, healing and total relaxation. With a special focus on après ski massages book today and let yourself melt away in our ultra-relaxing spa after your day on the hill.

Smile, breathe and let us pamper you.
A few of our favorites include
Hot stone massage

This ancient massage form involves the application of hot basalt stones of varying sizes to key points on your body, creating sensations of comfort, warmth and relaxation. The hot stone massage reduces tensions, stress and reinstalls the harmony in your body.

Full relaxing body massage

Give yourself a moment of well being and relaxation to tranquil music and aromatherapy.
The massage will release tensions, stress and increases blood- and lymph circulation.

Sport massage

Sport massage increases the blood circulation and purifies your body from its waste toxins, which restores the muscle tone. You will get an energy boost, and be ready for another day on the slopes!

Swedish Massage

This massage form includes a variety of strokes and is designed to ease muscular strain by flushing out toxins and improving circulation. It is also beneficial to promote your feeling of well being and reduces emotional and physical stress. 

Foot treatment

After a day on the slopes, this is the treatment for tired feet. Starting with a foot bath with soothing natural oils, followed by a peeling made from crushed apricot kernels and grape fruit oils. Finally, your calfs and feet will be massaged using reflexology techniques. 

Hand treatment

Give your hands a treatment that regains their natural ph and leaves them soft and smooth. Includes handbath, a peeling to remove dead skin cells, a hand mask and finally a hand massage using reflexology techniques.

Full Body Scrub

Get a fantastic body scrub that leaves your skin soft and smooth! The treatment contains a peeling with extracts of papaya, which will losen dead skin cells and a scrub with crunched peach kernels and jojoba oil. 

Anti Cellulite Massage

The treatment starts with a scrub, which is applied with peeling gloves. The cellulites are then treated with lymph drainage massage combined with particular techniques like rolling and petrissage, which strenghten the connective tissue. Finally the special anti cellulite oil is applied and massaged into the skin with an anti cellulite massage brush, which increases the blood circulation utterly.

Therapeutic massage and Trigger point treatment

Do you suffer from headaches or tensed neck and shoulders?
Then this may be a massage for you. Depending on your specially needs, the masseus will use techniques as: deep tissue massage, frictions, triggerpoint treatment in affected muscles, stretching of contract muscles and finally instruct you in exercises to do home.

Double Couple treatment

Double pleasure for you and your partner!
Choose any of the above treatments and our two masseuses will give you a relaxing treatment in our double massage room.

Please inquire with our staff for the full spa menu.
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