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Dinner À la carte menu


  • Steak Tartar, Piedmont beef with a Pan Brioche, Bernese Ice cream, home made jams and sauces.
  • Lobster Sashimi with a fresh tomato Gaspaccio and seaweed mayonnaise.
  • White Asparagus with a poached egg, Dutch sauce and black truffel.
  • Breast of guinea fowl, liver paté, port sauce with onion and saffron jam.
  • Valdostana Scallops, parmanter cream, Fontina lemon fondue, savoy cabbage and black truffle.

First course

  • Marticiana Risotto, cooked in a broth of cheek and onions, pecorino cheese, Shezuan pepper and dried tomato.
  • Home made ravioli filled with “carbonara”, Aop Broccoli and a sprinkle of Bottarga (dried fish eggs).
  • Home made tortellini filled with Ossobuco (veal shank) with saffron rice cream.
  • Potato Gnocchi with a zucchini pesto, clams and Mantis shrimps.
  • Plin Ravioli in a Piedmont sauce of roasted meats, on request with Black Truffle.
  • Mono-grain Spaghetti, wild fennel pesto and fresh sea urchins.

Second Course

  • Lamb ( shoulder , thigh and ribs) artichokes , rosemary and herb sauce.
  • Goose thigh with Fois Gras, cotogne pears and steamed chicory.
  • Pluma fillet of Patanegra Pork, Pumpkin cream, spicy fruits and pickelled vegetables.
  • Piedmont beef fillet with foie gras, chicory cream, port caramelled shallot and black truffle.
  • Baccala codfish in Pizzaiola (calamari & onion soup, steamed Baccala, tomato comfit, pepperoni pesto, bread crumbs, flavors, tomato and oregan).
  • Turbot in a Taggiasche olive crust with turnip greens and cream of mustard leaves
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